4 Reasons to Pick a Used Car With a Traditional Engine Over a New Hybrid

If you want your next car to be as fuel-efficient and eco-friendly as possible, you're probably thinking of buying a brand-new hybrid model. However, you'll often find that it is more advantageous to pick up a used model that uses a conventional engine. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Used Cars Save on Resources

It doesn't matter how efficient a new vehicle is when it's running – that vehicle will still have needed to have been constructed from scratch. That means that raw resources will need to have been used to create each part, and the construction process will involve the burning of fossil fuels and the release of emissions into the atmosphere. The new vehicle will then have to be transported to your local dealership, sometimes from overseas. When you buy a used vehicle, no new raw materials will have been consumed, and it's likely that the model won't have been transported from too far away.

2. Hybrids Demand High Prices

When most people buy a hybrid model, they're thinking about helping the environment. However, it would be wrong to say that the reduction in fuel costs isn't something else that appeals to them. It is certainly true that a hybrid vehicle will go further using less fuel than a comparable used model fitted with a gas engine. However, new hybrid vehicles are costly; you'll have to spend a lot of time on the road for the savings you make on fuel to justify the higher initial price of the vehicle.

3. Hybrid Batteries Aren't Eco-Friendly  

Hybrid vehicles still use internal-combustion engines – that's why they require fuel. However, they also use special batteries. Those batteries demand materials such as cobalt and lithium, which need to be intensively mined. Additionally, these batteries are hard to recycle after they become broken or reach the end of their lifecycles. Most people are completely unaware of the negative effects of those batteries.

4. Used Diesels Represent the Best of Both Worlds

Finally, one of the most persuasive reasons to go for used instead of buying a new hybrid is that there are plenty of used diesel models available. Diesel vehicles aren't quite as efficient as hybrids, but they represent a happy medium between hybrid and petrol. They also tend to perform very efficiently on the highway, while hybrids are better for city driving. If you tend to tackle long distances rather than zipping about town, fuel use might not differ too much between a diesel and a hybrid.

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